Balloon Parties

Professor Twist provides fabulous entertainment by either making sculptures to order for a group or moving amongst the guests and creating models right there and then.

If to a group, a few specials are made in advance and the more are created by request at the time. There's nothing like watching the master at work! The finalé being the presentation of a pre-made 'Special'* to the guest of honour (this can be tailored in to the party theme and by prior discussion the timings and details can all be arranged in advance to give you the very best party experience).

An alternative is for Professor Twist to teach some basic models. The participants get to try their hand at making their own models; each gets an inflated balloon and the Professor shows how to make a nice easy model. This is followed by sculpture requests and then the ‘Special’ is given out.

* The 'Special' will be of a favourite item of the Guest of Honour and will have been discussed before the event.

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